CNN Heroes 2019 top 10: The highlight reel

Written by By Vondie Curtis-Hall, CNN

The winners of CNN’s 10th Annual Heroes and Villains have been announced and they’re all a dramatic surprise — and an unmitigated joy.

The current list of CNN Heroes is loaded with achievers doing incredible things for others, forging new paths through difficult circumstances, bridging gaps and creating opportunities.

These are real people; heroes with tangible, life-changing effects on their communities, to their families and communities, and on others around the world.

Coming up with a nominee wasn’t easy, as CNN’s Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton hosted a group of 100 nominees from around the globe, and narrowed them down by challenging the finalists to share their stories.

Top 10 CNN Heroes

The finalists were:

Alice Ingraham-Bowman, Detroit, Michigan- When Ingraham-Bowman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the physician and her team at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit offered support, technology and guidance in treating the disease.

Chris Nyberg, San Francisco, California- Chris helped grow the medical field from its roots by battling the issue of childhood obesity. He founded Kidney Center Connect, a nonprofit that created services for kidney disease patients and their families.

Stephen Hanes, Leningrad, Russia- Stephen volunteers as a hospital volunteer in the city to help rehabilitate seriously ill patients, by providing entertainment, food and comfort.

John Pope, Long Beach, California- Every day, John and his wife, Jill, take on the good-hearted challenges in the Long Beach, California area, helping those in need.

Patrick and Beth Wall, Provo, Utah- The Wall family lives to help others through their volunteer work at organizations in their Utah community. Their goals are to increase the availability of healthy food, reducing the country’s obesity rates and by bringing patients and families together to address diabetes, stroke and other related diseases.

Toni and Roy Grotsky, Shaker Heights, Ohio- The Grotsky family’s unique life is full of kindness and fun, with an abundance of love. They help other children, in-home health care and medical facilities in their community by hosting fundraisers, volunteerism and an outreach program.

Nelly Armandu, Johannesburg, South Africa- Every day, Nelly works to help others find employment in the farming community in Johannesburg.

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